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Make Sure You Keep Your Purse Loaded

No matter how safe you believe the place you live in is there are always cases of crime specifically against women and if you tend to travel alone for a long time then one of the most effective things that you should do is to make sure that you invest in a good pepper spray. If you want to find a pepper spray that will work effectively and will not cost you a lot of money then you need to visit pepperface.com today.

There are various benefits of using a pepper spray and one of them is that it is not going to kill anyone but it gives you enough time to injure the person so that you can call in security or call in the cops and get saved from the situation. Pepper spray bottles are very convenient to use and because they are so small you can store it anywhere. The best place to keep a pepper spray if you travel alone in your car is around your dashboard so that the minute you suspect something all you need to do is hold the bottle in your hand.

Pepper spray bottles look really dainty and small and they can cause some serious damage and they can make the persons eyes and face burn very badly for a long duration. At times even scaring off people with a pepper spray works just fine and you don’t even need to use it. If you have a young daughter who travels a lot and you want to make sure that she is safe always keep her stocked up with pepper spray because this is something that will come in handy and she will be able to use it really fast. Since there is no guilt of killing somebody when using the pepper spray it doesn’t take a long time for your reflexes to get in action and work against the offender.