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Effect Of Bec5

According to statistics, skin cancer is the most popular kind of cancer, with over 3.5 million cases of affected people in the United States alone. This may seem like the sunscreen industry isn’t doing much to change the situation.

The most common forms of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, which are identified as both Nonmelanoma skin cancers. There are other rare and malignant melanomas which can be very critical.  Treatment methods for the skin cancer have been mostly invasive by means of surgery especially in the early stages, although there are disadvantages associated with this method, they include;

  • Slow healing process
  • Leads to scarring of the skin
  • Painful
  • Requires invasion and skin grafting
  • There are after-surgery restrictions to enable healing
  • Treatment are often non specific and normal healthy skin might be lost to the process
  • It is expensive – not everyone can afford it.

It may appear that there is a new remedy for skin cancer which is gaining momentum in the market. The potency of this product have been tested a number of times and it has been termed effective for skin cancer cure. This product is known as the Bec5 Curaderm.

The Curaderm Bec5 cream is used in the treatment of nonmelanoma skin cancers. The product is derived from extracts of eggplant. The curative content Bec in eggplant contains solasodine glycosides, as well as other monoglycosides.  So what makes the Bec5 so special?  Here are reasons why this product is sure to become the number one option for the cure of skin cancer in coming years;

  • Its kills only cancer cells in both resting and multiplying phase and not normal cells
  • It is non evasive, only involves the application of cream
  • It improves cosmetic results
  • It is derived from eggplant which is predominant in nature
  • It is more effective and safer than drugs and surgery