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Products By Lipsense

SeneGence was established on the idea of offering quality products as well as opportunities to women, paving their way for successful and independent careers in business regardless of their education, age and background. Since the beginning of the company in 1999, it has developed to a larger company that supports thousands of careers alongside customers all over the world. The products manufactured and sold by SeneGence are popular but the best Lipsense colors are their premier products.

Best Lipsense Colors

The main reasons as to why Lipsense has become the favorite product of SeneGence, is the sheer quality that it possesses; not only is it smear, kiss and smudge proof but the option to mix colors from a choice of over fifty shades is a big plus. Below are the top three choices:

  • Lipsense Liquid Lip Color

the patented lip colors and lipstick by Lipsense, it’s incredibly versatile in a way that allows you to mix and match shades in order to create the desired colors and effects.

  • Lipsence Collegiate Colors (limited edition)

with the help of the Collegiate Colors by Lipsence, you can go all out in supporting your favorite team. Apply the signature color of your team to display team spirit.

  • Diamond Lip Liquid Color (limited edition)


an incredible departure from your everyday lipstick, the Diamond Lip Liquid Color features everything that makes the liquid lip stand out in quality but with the addition of genuine diamond crushed and carefully blended for that amazing sparkle.

All these products are do not dry the lips and users have said that the colors last anywhere from four hours to eighteen hours. On the purchase page, you’d may want to see the other products that compliment it; here you can partner it with the glossy gloss, lip volumizer and Red LinerSense.