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Cryptocurrencies Besides Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are one of the hottest investments today, apart from being a form of payment available for merchants, dozens of people have shared stories of becoming millionaires through investments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As the most famous cryptocurrency and the one that pioneered the way for other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins have balloons in popularity and amount. In the past, a Bitcoins costs nothing, a year ago it was available for $800 each and it recently amount to $7,000 each. If you’re not feeling Bitcoin now because of the hype, there are other cryptocurrencies available, jetonbankasi.com displays other cryptocurrencies and below are some of them.


After the development and fame of Bitcoin, Linecoin was one of the brands that took after the lead; it’s even considered as the runner up of Bitcoin which is a big deal. According to users, Litecoin is even quicker than Bitcoin thanks to the higher number of tokens as well as a brand new innovative algorithm for mining. Linecoin has been said to be the ideal brother of the famous Bitcoin.


In terms of cryptonite algorithm, Monero would be the best example. The said algorithm was developed to offer certain privacy features that Bitcoin failed to install. By opting for Bitcoin, all transactions are documented in the transaction trail and the block chain; these can be followed. By introducing of something named ring-signatures, the said cryptonite algorithm is more than able to cut through the trail. During the initial implementation of the algorithm, it was premined and hence rejected by the users and the community as a whole. Monero pioneered the non-premined version of the bytecoin, raising considerable awareness. Several other versions of the cryptonote are available, each with their own improvements but none of them came close to Monero. It’s popularity reached its peaked in 2016 when darknetmarkets accepted it as a form of payment.