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WhatChristian Capozzoli Learned on His Journey to Improvisational Comedy

Christian Capozzoli is well-known for the book he published entitled ‘Aerodynamics of Yes’ and is also a member of Upright Citizen’s Brigade as well as teacher to fellow performers and students. But like any other expertise and profession out there, Christian Capozzoli started out a bit uncomfortable when hosting; he preferred to be assigned a certain character where you could lose himself in. In the beginning, he travelled from one city to the next, meeting new people, leaving his mark and learning new things.

Learning Through Experience

At first, improvisational comedy was something that intimidated Christian Capozzoli mainly due to the fact that he wasn’t equipped with a formal theatrical background. But as the saying goes with improvisational comedy, one has to fully embrace and accept the unknown. Being in control of the scene all the time and actually managing it creates a sense of comfort. But Christian Capozzoli wanted a challenge and a change of scenery, he didn’t long for the things that are comfortable and hence he is well-versed with the character-based and theatrical characters. In a single glance, not only does he say the whole game so to speak but he plays the game and breathes life into the character.

As Christian Capozzoli established his brand, he wanted openness to be a key factor. Thus, the classes that he teaches facilitates the breakdown of the entire headspace we are allowed whenever a set of rules is enforced. The class essentially uses negativity like ‘don’t say this, don’t do that, don’t do this’ and so on. What happens is that you’re requiring the person to create a new normal reflex when the normal one is prohibited. In the end they students have to improvise and it gets easier as they go along.