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NuWave – PIC2 Induction Cooktop for All Your Cooking

Cooking is a life skills that we should all know by heart, but sometimes we just don’t have enough time to spare in preparing a healthy meal nor are we in a place where proper cooking is possible; it’s near impossible to bring out the master chef in you while staying at a dorm room. Hence, people gradually look into induction cooktop for ease of use and energy efficiency. Earning a high rank in numerous reviews is the NuWave – PIC2 and it might just be the exact induction cooktop you need.

NuWave – PIC2

Even though the dimensions are quite similar to numerous other quality induction cooktops, it feels and appears less intrusive and a lot more compact on the counter. The features and display are user-friendly, it will only take a couple of minutes to figure which button does what. The temperature range is broad from 100 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to five hundred and seventy five degrees Fahrenheit and the closes maximum timer that the user can program is ninety nine hours and sixty minutes.

Customers appreciated the fact that the product is cautious when it comes to safety. Extra-large vents are installed on the NuWave – PIC2, this enables heat to escape at a much faster rate; this maintains the proper temperature of the cooktop while generating minimum noise during usage. Temperature regulation is crucial, take note that if the internal heat reaches 230 degrees Fahrenheit the NuWave – PIC2 will automatically shut down. Besides the internal heat limit, the unit also shuts down when 45 minutes passes and no button is pressed. Below are some of the key advantages:

  • Users can pre-set numerous cooking tasks with the programmable memory.
  • Compared to its rectangular competitors, the round shape requires less space.
  • NuWave – PIC2 is energy efficient, using only 1,300 watts.