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Teddy Bears – Loved by Children and Adults

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word Teddy Bear is – Cute and Cuddly. It is rightly said that not only children but a lot of adults too sleep with Teddy Bears. An Xxl teddybär is the perfect example of a Cuddly teddy bear. They are big , soft , come in all colours and sizes. One of the reasons why Children and adults like to cuddle with Teddy Bears and sleep, could be the feeling of having someone besides them emotionally and a feeling of comfort. For those who cherish their Teddy Bears a lot , it is more than just a toy and that is because we put our emotions into it when we hold and cuddle it.

They are like a Comfort Object for humans.When we see a Teddy bear we see Warmth , cuteness and a Cuddly body which is Huggable and that is what everyone needs to make them feel comfortable and at ease.Practically every home has a Teddy bear and nearly all of us must have gifted a teddy to someone or the other in our lives at some point of time. This is because they are universally considered as a symbol of Love and Care.

Hugging your teddy bear can ease away our stress , bring a smile on your face , give you a sense of security , bring good memories to your mind , etc. and that is why they considered as a Comfort Object. While growing up many times Children feel a sense of safety when they are with their favourite teddy and holding them. Age will never seem to be a barrier for Teddy making industries as the teddy bear is always loved by all – young and old .