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Exahack’s Methods For Hacking Facebook Accounts

Unlike all the other similar websites that you may have encountered that also claim to be Facebook password hackers, ExaHack delivers what’s promised and don’t boast any kind of bogus claims. What they do is analyze the Facebook accounts that were hacked, pinpointing vulnerabilities in the account’s security. Various attack methods are implemented and after one is successful, the email and password of the Facebook account is retrieved. All throughout the process, you’ll remain anonymous and the single information they’ll require is the target’s Facebook address.


Nowadays, phishing is considered as the most common form of hacking technique for Facebook accounts as well as other accounts. Phishing requires the hacker to create a convincing fake Facebook homepage; it should be believable enough that the target actually enters their username and password there. The target will think that they’ve logged into the real Facebook homepage instead of providing sensitive details to the hacker.


Known as a Facebook hacking software, the Keylogger enables hackers to record every keystroke done by the target. So once the target logs in their account, the Keylogger software automatically records the exact email and password that they entered and sends the information directly to the hacker. Armed with information as sensitive as this, hackers can easily access the target’s account.

Session Hijacking

On every internet browser there’s something called the cookies, they’re not exactly the sweet kind you had in mind. Cookies in the browser are information related to the user’s log in status alongside other data that indicates that they are officially logged in. Sensitive data are stored into these cookies and hijacking them opens a window of opportunity for accessing the target’s account. Cookies could be accessed through protocol hacking, the password and email that they retrieve will be forwarded to you.