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More Reasons to Get Digify

If you are looking for virtual data rooms that would be able to effectively suit your data management needs, then one of the best you can get in the entire market is Digify. What makes Digify one of the best in the market? Let’s have a look at even more of its features.

Absolutely, Totally Safe

Data confidentiality and safety are two of the most crucial ways in order for you to make sure that your documents are kept as safe as they can be. After all, so many dire consequences can take place should something go wrong with data management. As a matter of fact, it could leave the company in shambles, should there be any issues with it! With digify, however, it is compliant with ISO-27001, SOC 1 & 2, as well as SAS70 Type II. Its files are also hosted in several data centers scattered throughout the world. These centers can’t be accessed by just anyone, as they have keyboard and biometric controls that are some of the most comprehensive around. More than that, they have security guards who are there to serve 24/7. Most importantly, their data is encrypted, and comes with an end-to-end, AES Encryption that’s 256-bit. It is certified for use for top-secret information by the NSA as well.

Get Document Statistics and Access

What makes digify so good is the fact that they allow you to keep track of your data to know comprehensive statistics about it, such as who’s watching it, from where it’s being watched, as well as how many times a document has been viewed. Extra protection is also given for confidential documents to make sure that not everyone can access it, and that it would not be used without any proper permission of some sort.