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Things You Need To Know About Forza Horizon 3

Without a doubt, one of the most popular genres of games are those that involve competition, more specifically, car racing. One of these games that have managed to become popular is Forza Horizon 3, an open world racing game that was created by Playground games, and released by Microsoft Studios. The game is so popular, that a lot of online sources enable Forza Horizon 3 Download links to be accessed online, but the game could be bought in official sites as well. What is the game all about? Here are some thing you need to know.

The Gameplay

This racing game has an interface that is modelled after Australia. It has an expansive world, and has a lot of locales of Australia featured in it. The game lets you play in various racing competitions, as well as drifting, time trials, and a unique “Bucketlist Challenge”. The game also features vehicles and upgrades, as well as a wide roster of up to 350 cars you can choose from.

Development and Release

It’s a relatively new game, with announcements of the game played in June of 2016. Apart from the various locales of Australia, the game also features a wide array of branded vehicles, from Ford, to Porsche, Mazda, and Chevrolet brands, among others. Customizations by Groove music for the soundtracks were also offered. The game was made to be available on other platforms, as well as cross-introduced on other games as well.

How was the game?

The game managed to generate a lot of reviews, most of which were good-natured. A lot of review sites dedicated to gaming gave them a high score, most of which being close to the perfect score. It also managed to be one of the top-selling games, especially in Australia, where the locale is set.