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Prolonging Your Carpet’s Life According to Active Chem-Dry

Hiring professional carpet cleaning service in Irvine is a practical is a practical choices. Sure, it will initially cost you a bit more compared to when you decide to clean the carpet yourself considering the whole set of advantages when hiring, the expense is more than worth it; since they are professionals then the entire cleaning process is done at a quick and efficient rate, proper equipment and cleaning solutions are used and of course the owner can sit back and relax. That’s neat and all but carpet cleaning providers like Active Chem-Dry encourage owners to take steps in taking care of the carpet, apart from regular cleaning.

Take Off Your Shoes When Indoors

Obviously, shoes carry all sorts of dirt and grime so it’s highly recommended that you remove them before setting foot on the carpet. The same goes for guests; politely request them to do the same with their footwear. Shoes are the primary source of contaminated soil that enter the house and doing this precaution reduces allergen exposure down to 60%. Other manmade carcinogens could also end up on the carpet; this happens when footwear that went through tar and parking lots finds itself right on top of the carpet.

Keep Food Away from the Carpet

Another obvious tip for the majority is to keep food away from the carpet; you won’t have to torture yourself on cleaning spills and food stains on the carpet when there are no mess in the first place. Encourage everyone under the roof to do the same and take their meals in the kitchen or on surfaces made of tiles and hardwood floors. Keep in mind that specific food and beverage stains not only stain the carpet but may result to permanent damage especially if left untreated.