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Go Transcript For Video Captioning Services

In order for you to better understand the videos that you watch, sometimes it is a must that you avail of Video Captioning services. Not just any video captioning service, but one which is professional, and knows everything that ought to be known about the job, With that said, there are a lot of Caption labs services out there, and one which you can avail of is Go Transcript. Here is a look at their company and the exemplary services that they offer.

Professional Video Captioning

If you wonder what CC on Youtube videos mean, then it’s called “Closed Caption”. Sites like us at GoTranscript offers these at prices which are affordable. These captions are synced with the video, and are 99% accurate, or with us at GoTranscript, even higher than that. GoTranscript has done captioning services for TV programs, YouTube videos, and video games, as well as for video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

We’re Trusted

More that just Youtube and Vimeo, we are trusted by several other companies as well, most of which are international companies. These include the BBC, Symantec, New York Times, TextRoyal.com, Genesys, TechSmith, and even BOSE and Netflix. If these reputable companies can entrust their captioning services to us, how much more to anyone else?

Full Range of Services

Our services basically cover all that has to do with converting audio to text. Some of these include Video and Audio Transcription, Translations, Subtitling, and Captions. We even have a Mobile app, and a bunch of other tools that may be handy for you.

Student’s Discounts

Apart from big companies, GoTranscript has been the go-to for students who are in need of closed captioning jobs, especially those who study discourse analysis or movies. As much as 20% can be given as a discount for students, specifically transcription services