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Saving a Few Bucks on Cloud Storage

Majority of established companies have undeniably relied a good part of their management on Cloud storage. It’s highly unlikely that Cloud storage will be gone from the picture, so why not follow some tips that will save up on costs? Merger Technology, which can be accessed through http://MergerTechnology.com/, shares some of the most effective tips in saving Cloud storage costs; because who doesn’t want a few extra dollars?

Cloud Computing

Sign-Off Cloud Solutions Alongside the IT Team

When we say rogue cloud implementation, a company’s staff basically applies as well as setup Cloud-based solutions without necessarily getting approval from IT. Even though this is obvious step whenever any decision involves the IT department, majority of businesses with Cloud storage has sought out rogue implementation. Unfortunately, rogue implementation doesn’t end well for around 74% of attempts; it went so far as exposing sensitive company details through unsecured networks. By actually letting the IT staff handle the entire thing, which is what they’re good at, a Cloud-based management solution can be seamlessly integrated. Unwanted leaks and hacks happens in rogue implementations because the person handling it usually lacks experience and expertise. You don’t need us to tell you that data hacks are costly and as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Organizing Storage Efficiency

It may not sound correct at first but the ease that Cloud storage facilitates can actually create even more potential hidden charges. One of the best benefits that any Cloud user gets is the fact that they only pay for whatever they use and that’s it. But this isn’t always the case, especially for poorly organized Cloud storage. The main problems arise from overwhelming duplicate data that businesses and SMBs upload in the Cloud. Because of duplicated data, you’re actually paying for two copies of the exact same thing; a clear waste of money.