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Buying an Aluminum Handle Squeegee

For those who do not know, squeegees could be made from polyurethane, neoprene, or natural rubber. Traditionally, they were made from natural rubber. These types of materials are cheaper than others. However, since they quickly break down and absorb solvents, they aren’t mostly chosen.

Handle is one part of the squeegee that you should consider. There are 3 types of handles, the aluminum, plastic, and wood. Continue reading this article to know the difference between wood, plastic, and aluminum handle squeegee for screen printing.

Wooden handles

A lot of people love using wooden handle squeegee since they’re comfortable and warm in their hands. But, it is hard and often not possible to clean since they absorb solvents and moisture. Also, the way of changing out the blades of the squeegee are harder with wooden handles.

Plastic or Aluminum

These types of handles are simple to clean since they don’t absorb solvents and moisture. The squeegee blades could typically be changed easily and quickly. You could look for these handles with a design that’s ergonomic that is really comfortable in the hands of the user.

Other Considerations to Follow

Always remember that there are some considerations to remember regardless of what squeegee is correct for your printing service:

  • Width of the Blade – The blade of the squeegee must extend around 1-inch beyond the printed shirt on every side. But, the blade must not come too near the screen’s frame. This could destroy the screen’s tension.
  • Condition of the Blade – The blade of the squeegee could develop warp or nicks. They would dull in the long run due to the abrasiveness of the screen. Ensure that your squeegee is in great condition and free from damage or warping since this could affect the quality of your print.1