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What We can Learn from Email Analytics

Email analytics can make absolutely no sense at all on your first glance and understanding it can be tricky. Out of all the numbers floating around, how do you know where to focus your attention and what exactly do they mean anyway? Finally, does reading up on the basics of email analytics actually worth the time and effort? Well, in order to handle every email report with the utmost confidence, you have to gain a proper knowledge with the information made available to you. Understanding is one thing, you also have to know exactly how to use the said information when enhancing your plans and strategies.

Who Reads All the Emails?

Displayed in the email reports, you can quickly click on the exact number of people who opened and read a particular email from you. After clicking on the link, it will display the complete list of people who actually opened the email campaign that you set out alongside the date and time when they opened it. Apart from the aforementioned information, you’ll have access to the average open rate and how your company fairs against all the others in this factor.

What Were Your Subscribers Most Interested in?

After knowing who opens and read your emails, you can look at the ‘Clicked’ tab. What the said tab displays is just how many clicks a particular email received as well as the average click-through rate and how well you compared to other companies in the industry. This is a clear indicator of which of your s featured option or information views find more interesting. Email clicks can successfully guide all the content that you created. Take note of which of the kinds of content and topics your audience prefer and continue to send relevant information to the target audience.