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Car Accessories for Your Pets

As a pet owner, you often want to bring your pets with you on car rides. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that but you have to think of the pet’s safety. Most of available dog harnesses are not officially car-tested and even those that have been tested perform terribly; no one want to put the lives of their loving pets in danger. When it comes to αξεσουαρ αυτοκινητου, the sole harness that has earned the approval of the Center for Pet Safety is the Sleepy Pod Clickit. Crash-test videos are displayed on their official website.

Sleepy Pod Clickit

Clickit Utility provides car accessories for your pets that were specifically designed to keep your furry little pets in their seats even at the impact of an accident. When your pet is secured to the seat then there’s virtually no opportunity for them to climb up the passenger’s seat, distract the driver, hang their heads on the open window or worse, get thrown out in case of an accident or the sudden stop of a car. The Sleepy Pod has a unique design which can be likened to a three-point seat belt. The harnesses are padded as well as structured to evenly distribute the overall force to the chest of the pet, thus lessening possible injuries during impact. Before purchasing the Sleepy Pod, please go through the checklist below:

  • The car has to have a baby seat LATCH/ISO anchor system. Take note that all cars manufactured and sold in the US after 2003 already has this latch system.
  • Both side straps must be attached from the LATCH in the baby seat to the metal rings on both sides of the harness.
  • It has to be measured in accordance with the measuring instructions provided by Sleepypod.
  • The size ranges from 31 inches to 60 inches.