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Rega RP3 – The Turntable with Futuristic Aesthetics

Personal need and preferences of people are ever-changing so it’s impossible to come up with a single best or perfect product, regardless of the industry. The same goes for turntables, since buyers want specific features and varying designs it’s impossible to manufacture one that caters to every buyer needs and wants. We seek and read up on turntable reviews to get an idea or suggestion on which brand or model might be ideal for us. Turntable and music enthusiast out there who wants a futuristic flair and has a slightly bigger budget should definitely go for the Rega RP3.

Rega RP3

Aside from the quality look and aesthetics of the Rega RP3, which is amazing in itself, it’s not the feature that has helped it earn a place in top turntable reviews. The Rega RP3 offers numerous futuristic constructions. The said features include an ultra low mass base alongside a tonearm with double base; both these features reduce the overall vibration. Despite being an old player in the market, it was released in 2011, it still stands as one of the best turntables out there. Quality construction can stand even with a test of time. Because all the features and quality that the Rega RP3, the price of $800 is definitely considerable.

The sound that it produces is exceptional, specifically the bass. Take note that the support system is not as sturdy as you might expect but it’s far from being considered as unstable; the rubber feet needs a solid surface. Also, to optimize the music and results, you have to place it far away from other speakers. Once all the Rega RP3’s simple requirements are met, you’ll be listed to authentic and balanced audio; in terms of value, it’s worth a lot more than the price you paid for.