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Best Buying Guide For Christmas Stockings

During Christmas festivities, there is this hype that you must have Christmas stockings, and without them, Christmas won’t be complete. Now it is important that you make sure you know what you want before stepping out because you will be shocked at the variety that is available in the market.  With this in mind, it is important to know the type of Christmas stockings that you will likely encounter.

Types of Christmas stockings

While in the market, you will get a wide variety of different designs which will vary regarding styles, ranging from fur trimmed, velvet to hand knitted. Some of them normally resemble a normal sock coming in the form of a long, thin knee or styled as a shorter or wider bag shape. The most popular Christmas stocking include Victorian, American Holiday, Scandinavian, American Art and Craft, personalized, and cartoon. So it is up to you to decide which one you are going to buy.

Victorian Christmas Stockings

They imitate the 19th century English traditions which stories like Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” are associated with. They have a color theme of deep reds with gold accents. You can get them as actual vintage pieces or as newly made presentations of historical items.

American Holiday Christmas Stockings

They imitate the traditional look of an American Christmas. You will get them in green or red color motif with velvet being the material of choice. The stocking mostly features a cotton ball or faux fur trim details at the top.

Scandinavian Christmas Stockings

It has been part of the Christmas tradition for a long time. In most cases, they are knit and involve the ornate scheme during knitting. You will get it in green and red and at times, in Swedish white and blue motifs.

You will have to choose the type of Christmas stockings that you think are good value for your money.