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What’s the best Pizzelle Maker for you? Some things to consider

If you’re a massive fan of Italian food, or pastry in general, then one of the familiar foods to you would have to be the Pizzelle. This is a pastry which is similar to waffles, in terms of the ingredients and how it is prepared. The key difference however, apart from its roots would have to be the specialized kind of cooker. If you wish to enjoy pizzelles in the comfort of your own home, make them for a living, here are the best pizzelle maker characteristics you ought to consider.

Aluminum or Nonstick Coating? 

Cast Aluminum kind of Pizzelle Makers are those that are in need of constant brushing up of oil. While it is not naturally non-stick, time would come when just like cast-iron, you would not have to oil it that much, given that it has already been well-seasoned. If you wish to take the healthy route, however, and not have to oil your irons or have an oily pizzelles, then the nonstick variety is the ideal one for you to make use of. Best options for cast Aluminum include the CucinaPro Pizzelle Baker, as well as the Palmer Model 1000. For nonstick coated iron, two of the best options include the PizzellePro Toscana Pizzelle Iron by Chef’s Choice and the Pizzelle Maker by CucinaPro.

Thin Pizzelles or Thicker Ones?

Apart from the healthiness of your finished products, one of the things you ought to consider would be the thickness and/or thinness of it. Some people like their Pizzelles nice, thin, and crispy, while some would prefer to have theirs being much thicker and fluffier. Choosing the non-stick varieties allow you to achieve more of the former, while the cast aluminum types would often yield thicker ones.