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Why Marijuana Is Not Good For Health?

If we are talking about marijuana then people are using them in the form of joint, pipe and it can be smoked in the form of blunt. However it is said that marijuana is mixed in food like some of the people are using its leaf when they are making tea and mostly in the form of hash oil for cigrates.  Marijuana is use after drying the green and brown flower, seeds and stems in the form of drugs and it come from the hemp plant which is known as cannabis sativa.

If we are talking about the effects of marijuana then it effect on mind and sometime people are losing their memory. Mostly if we see that adult are smoking lots of marijuana constantly just to have more fun. People who smoke marijuana and if they are on world tour then they will ask people about different states. If you are in enquiry of marijuana then you must check out whether is marijuana legal in Illinois or not.

Some of abused drugs

If we are talking about alcohol and nicotine then they are same as marijuana and they are treated as abuse drugs. Some of the drugs like marijuana they are not good for health but if we are using in the form of medicine then it is one of the best natural remedy. However we can easily say that excess use of everything can be harmful after take example of sweet dishes we can become patient of diabetes easily if we are consuming a lot.

Illegal in Illinois

Marijuana is totally illegal in Illinois because it is according to law of US and they don’t want that people use them in the form of abused drugs. After sometime it start creating problem like brain ham rage and they get lower life satisfaction.

It is the type of drug that directly affects your relationship because at the time when you intimate with partner she will not feel any joy and satisfaction.