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Choosing A Shark Vacuum For Your Home

Knowing the best Shark vacuum for you depends on what exactly you need it to do alongside tons of research. Always look at reviews from other customers since reviews offered by the website itself are bound to be positive. Without a doubt, you’ll go through numerous websites just for a solid Shark vacuum review. It’s a good thing that BestSharkVacuums.com offers thorough reviews regarding the top Shark vacuums, so which ones bagged the top spots?

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E)

According to their reviews, the Navigator Lift-Away by Shark is one of the best upright vacuums available in the market today. Regardless if you have hard flooring or a ton of carpets, it can easily adjust to cleaning both. Take note that the motor is only 10 amps, many offer 12 amps, do not equate this with cleaning power. The cyclonic design that it features, which is patented comes with a Never Loses Suction technology. What this basically means is that all the dust and dirt that it gathers will not be directed to the filter, it is stored in a steady motion instead.

The vacuum’s filter is the preferred HEPA variety, thus it doesn’t experience a lot of clogging. Of course you still have to clean the filter every once in a while, the recommend a thorough cleaning once every three months. As you may have noticed, the dust cup has great capacity, so you won’t have to stop cleaning just to go and empty it; that can be quite the hassle.

The lift-away canister would be its best feature, the canister can be detached with ease from the body of the vacuum itself. Whether you’re cleaning the stairs or hard to reach spots under the furniture, the functionality if this Shark vacuum is hard to contend with.