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Some Popular BINGO Variations

If you’ve been playing bingo for the longest time, then one of the things that you would want to experience is a little bit of variations. Having said that, through the years, there have been a lot of variations that have picked up as much popularity as the classic gameplay. A lot of the best bingo offers could also come from these variations, and a lot of these variations could also be found in the online world as well. What are some popular Bingo variations? Let’s find out below.

Quickie Bingo

This is also known as Shotgun Bingo, or Turbo Bingo, among others. These kind of games are usually played between intervals of regular games, with a separate set of cards for this particular type. The players only play out a single card or two, and the numbers are called as fast as the balls would come out.

Quick Shot

This is a game in which there are pre-drawn numbers, and the players buy sealed bingo cards, which are eventually pitted against these pre-drawn numbers. Some of these versions are played until a player gets a top-level price, and the game resets the moment the game begins. It may be played in a span of days, weeks, or even several months, depending on the difficulty set by the organizers.

Facebook Bingo

One of the types of Bingo you could find online is Facebook Bingo. One of the ways in which it sets itself apart from other kinds of online-based games is the fact that is makes use of other features such as “power-ups” that allow players to have an advantage over other players.

They could also interact with the use of virtual items with friends on Facebook. The whole community element is one which is emphasized and developed.