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Highly Informative Details Regarding Vietnam Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

It is fact that many people of America start take tours of Vietnam in order to enjoy their holidays. They really love to enjoy their vacations in the Vietnam. Even there are many tourist attractions in this country which attracts the people of the America to spend their every vacation on it. Even the rules of visa for US citizens are too easy which are made by the government of the Vietnam. If you got a citizenship of America and has the desire to visit a famous country in this vacations then you can shake hands with Vietnam. Now it is easy to get the Vietnam tourist visa for us citizens, you just need to fill the online form.

Processing time 

Getting visa for Vietnam

If we talk about the processing time then after submitting the visa application form, you will get the visa approval in 2 working days. In addition to this, some people want to visit quickly at Vietnam so, they choose the option of the quick processing. In this option, the time of processing decreases from 2 to 1 working day. It is also the fact that, users need to pay extra money for the urgent visa.

What is visa stamping?

Visa stamps are those stamp which is put by embassy officers on the passport at the airport, travelers need to pay some fees for the stamp. These stamps are put in the boxes of passport which reveals you are a traveler. The stamping fee starts from the 25 USD for the single entry on the flip side 50 USD for the multiple Entries.

Total Fees

If pay attention to the fee structure of the visa application fee of Vietnam then it starts from the 15 USD in which people need to wait for 2 working days. If you take any taxi or cab from the airport the need to pay 30 USD.