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Boom The Startup By Star Citizen Referral Codes

Are you willing to play Star Citizen? If yes, there are many things you need to know before playing this game because you can have a good start with referral codes. Well, this is a 12 digit/letter code which helps in getting five thousands of UEC in free. This currency is also known as with the name imperials. You can use this currency to purchase items from Voyager direct store but the developers are adding new stuff in every update. As if you are purchasing stuff in alpha stage with the help of UEC then it will last long till final edition of Star Citizen.

The Use Of Referral Codes

There are many ways to which you can refer someone your code but try publishing this code on a website. There are many websites which randomly choose referral code to publish and the lucky users get their code published for few hours and days. If you are searching for a website then make sure the website must be having the good amount of traffic so that maximum benefit can be gained. You can try your luck at http://starcitizenreferralcode.net/ and get many benefits. The thing you have to do is fill a form and apply some efforts in it.

How To Fill Referral Code Form

Open the website mentioned before and scrolls a little bit down to “Add your own code” column. The first option is of title and referral so give a unique but easy title. Fill your username which is using in the game in next column. Tell about your role in verse and the option comes where you must have to fill referral code. Enter the referral link but check again that each and everything is right or not. Now enter your email address which you daily use because the developer will reply you on it. Choose your picture of 75×75 sizes and tell them a marvelous story that why you need to be sponsored. The process is complete so click on send.