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What to expect while getting Solar Nails for the first time

Sometimes referred to as Acrylic nails, Solars are just an extension to the previous nail procedure. Acrylic nails were basically plastic material which was glued to the natural nails however they are not as good as solar nails. If you are planning a trip to your salon to get a good manicure, then this article will be of a great help to provide you with some knowledge beforehand.

What to expect while getting Solar Nails for the first time:

  1. Cost – It ranges anywhere from $20 to $40 and it varies region to region.
  2. Material – Solars are a plastic extension to your nail which is concealed on the top by a powdered/liquefied formula.
  3. Viscosity – The multiple coats of this powdered/liquefied formula makes it about 10 times denser than the nails underneath this coating.
  4. Weight & Length – This nails are remarkably heftier than the natural nails and the length of the nails can be made as per your convenience.
  5. Bottom of the nails – the natural nails are visible. However, just note that sometimes the tip of your nail fits pleasantly touching the artificial tip and sometimes it doesn’t. Just ensure that the space between the natural and artificial nail is filled up with nail adhesive.
  6. Excess waste – Some residue of that powdered/liquefied solution will be found in your hands which you can easily remove with Pumice stone and washing.
  7. Handling with care – It requires great care to manage these nails as germs and grime can get underneath them making then dirty and filthy. You would need to keep the hands sanitized more frequently.
  8. Growth of natural nails – Naturally, the nails will grow and it will be visible therefore you would need to visit the salon to get it refilled over the new growth.

These will automatically fall off in 3-4 weeks if not filled. They need to be properly taken care of at all times.