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Online Games Improve Mental Abilities

Playing online games is a good way to build one’s brain capacity, it aids the vision, helps you to keep focus, gives your brain the ability to see, hear, think and take action at a limited time space, little wonder why people associate successful surgeons to good game playing abilities. It sharpens your mind and helps you apply emotional abilities both in and out of game world – this applies when you grant justice, show mercy, give punishments for evil, save people etc.  It also helps you to develop your role-playing ability and increase your self-sufficiency and acceptance of people’s dependency on you. 

For example, you play games aiming at a targeted number of points and in the game you are also required to rescue a pet from a house in flames, you assume the responsibility, take up the task and get to reach your goal because you know that you can be dependable. This can be very much likened to a real life situation where if faced with such responsibility you probably wouldn’t know where that enormous courage happened to come from, you may possibly not think of the kind of computer games you’ve been playing, all thanks to those descargar juegos gratis that keeps you thinking like a cop all day long.

It gives room for you to accept challenges and face your fears. It puts your adrenal glands to activity and helps you to manage your excitement and fears. This probably explains why men are more into online games than women; it is not for those whose mind is programmed to calling on the next person to terminate a roach for them. It gives men the sense of strength, physical power and accomplishment which may not necessarily be connected to their real world and that’s what makes them return to these world where they are heroes.