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Jailbreak Your Iphone 5

Jailbreaking is one of the most common things people usually do with their iPhones, or iDevices. Doing so allows you to do a lot of things that you could not have done with your unit otherwise. Some of the benefits include being able to break limits to customization of your iPhones interface, getting past restrictions for iPhone use, such as price, as well as being able to upgrade the functionality of your phone with ease. If you want to have a guide to jailbreak iPhone 5, then below are some of the basic steps.

  • Setting up the Device

Before anything else, the first thing you have to do is to back up all of your files on the iCloud through Settings, and then iCloud, Backup, and tap Back Up Now. Afterwards, disable the passcode, and then activate the Airplane Mode.

  • Download the Necessary Tools

The steps above are for the Pangu app. Download it on your laptop, and open it. Plug your device in and then click the “Start” option the moment it’s recognized, and then click “Already Backup.” This can be downloaded for free on various host sites, but you are also able to download on other sites as well.

III. Proceed with the Process

The rest of the jailbreaking process is one which is easy and could be observed in a heuristic manner. Having said that, once your phone gets acknowledged, the next thing you do is to put the phone in Airplane mode, open the Pangu app, and allow your phone to be rebooted another time, open Cydia up, and then that’s it.

Some Reminders

Different options for jailbreaking are present for other, older iOS devices. In order for your jailbreaking to be a success, make sure that you follow the right steps for the software version that you have.