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Ilife Robot Vacuum: Advance Technology For Less

When it comes to highly advanced materials in terms of technology, one of the things we would normally associate with these would most definitely be the fact that they are expensive, and that buying these “smart” devices would require you to spend as much as 500 dollars or even higher than that. The ilife robot vacuum, however, is one which simply stands out for one factor, and this is its price. Despite its lower price, you can be assured of premium features that are found in other pricey robot vacuums. Having said that, here are the key features of the iLife Robot Vacuum variants.

Extremely Affordable

By extremely affordable, we don’t mean any exaggeration. This is because the price range of all iLife Robot Vacuum units all fall within the range of $100 to $200 for the price, which is basically a fifth or a mere quarter of the price of other, equally capable units.

Several Options for Navigation

One of the greatest advantages of the iLife Robot Vacuum, associated with its navigation is that there are several modes which are pre-programmed, and thus the modes that were installed would vary from unit to unit. This would allow you to effectively and efficiently clean whatever surface it may be, with the Auto, Edge, Spot, Scheduling, and Manual modes.

Different Features

There are a lot of side brushes which you may use here. Having said that, each of the seven robots have different techniques in mopping, and the different units also have a different array of side brushes that they could use as well. Some have one side brush, while some have more. The fact that these have a side brush, apart from vacuuming features allow you to save on time and energy, as you have both a mop and a vacuum at the same time.