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About The Port Of Tallinn

If you’re fond of hopping on board tallinnan risteily ships, especially in the Baltic area of Europe, then the Port of Tallinn is definitely going to be a very familiar place for you. This is because out of all the ports, it is one of the biggest in the entire area, and for this reason it effectively serves as a harbor for servicing passengers. If you are on the way to Tallinn through the Tallinn Cruise, then this most definitely would be it. To know more about the cruise area of the port of Tallinn, then here are some of the services and facilities you have to keep in mind.

Port Accommodation

One of the advantages associated with the Port of Tallinn is that it does not impose any limitations when it comes to the minimum nor the maximum number of hours a ship could stay inside the port, nor does it impose a preferred or prescribed number of hours of days, which is a testament to how big it actually it. Its quay-line extends to 1.4km at the Old City Harbor, and 380 m at the Saaremaa Harbor, with a Quay depth being 10 m. The number of quays for the Old City Harbour is 5 while the Saaremaa Harbour has just 2.

Services Offered

Pilotage at the Port of Tallinn is one which is Compulsory, and the Tugs are to be ordered prior to docking. There are services for both garbage disposal, as well as bunkering. Cruise ships could also avail of water, and tourists could obtain the information the wish to obtain as well through the tourist information center. There also are shuttle services, albeit only available through reservation prior to use. For those who wish to relieve themselves, the port is equipped with public toilets as well.