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Clash Royale: What’s It About

You can easily download Clash royale from our serveur privé clash royale pc download is an easy task, especially when you’re getting the link to download the game on various devices right in one place – that is, our website! Players are using the game on their phones, tablets and these days even on their Personal Computers! Clash Royale is an entertaining game, that will keep you hooked. It’s a tower defence game that requires strategy-making and defense of your own tower. If you have got a plan and know how to execute them, you’re almost at the end of winning.

This game lets you get on a one-on-one war with your opponent. Each gets the turn to send their troops of giants, archers, goblins etc. Into the kingdom of their opponents, and try to destroy their towers. Whoever is able to successfully do so wins the war, along with gold and trophies. The more wars you win, the more trophies are added to your achievements list.

You can also join any clan of your wish once you have upgraded the level of your King. The levels are increased by playing more wars and grabbing more cards. Through joining a clan you will be able to give your friends essential cards to upgrade their troops as well as take some cards from them. Chatting is fun and also a great way to plan out strategies by consulting your friends. Joining a clan has another crucial benefit. You can engage in friendly wars with your clan mates. This way you can better strategize your attacks and defend your towers.

If this doesn’t work, you can watch and re-watch the best ranked matches of players from around the world. You’ll be able to see how they plan out their moves, the characters they use, how they use them and for what purpose they use. It’s all available in the TV Royale option in the game.