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Fascinating Trip By Bus To Genting

Being the most popular resort in Malaysia, Genting also has the largest indoor and outdoor theme park for all. It has a unique location that having to travel there becomes an adventure. It is at the peak of the Titiwangsa Mountains.  In it there is the First World Hotel which was named as the largest hotel in the world by the Guinness World Record. In Genting the climate is cool considering it is at the peak of a mountain. The temperature can really go low and anyone visiting here should be sure to keep warm. However, multitudes all over the world have made it a destination place. You should consider taking a bus to Genting having the following in mind;Terrain considerations; Genting is located in a highland that obviously means that the roads leading to it are winding. Due to the mountainous terrain, it can be very dangerous driving yourself there if your car has not been prepared. You can even get into accidents if not careful. It is therefore advisable to take a bus to Genting. This is because the bus drivers are professionally trained to handle the hazardous roads to the peak.Pick-up and drop off points; it is important for passengers to know that pick-ups and drop-offs are made at the main bus terminal called the Mushroom Farm Bus Terminal. From there the passengers can walk to the entrance of Genting Highland to experience the time of their lives. However, there can be other pick-up and drop off points according to the different bus operators. Some of these other points include the Genting First World Hotel that is used by bus operators like Transtar Express solitaire, Transtar Express Premium and Star Qistna Express. Another point is several selected hotels within the area used by the same bus operators as of Genting First World Hotel.


Taking a bus to Genting is the most affordable and sure means, leave alone being an exciting experience.